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Angry Passengers Wait For Their Delayed Flight, Then 4 Old Men Craft Plan To Lift Their Spirits

There are few things as frustrating as getting delayed on a stuffy plane, surrounded by other agitated passengers.

The airport experience can be a negative one even when things run smoothly, so to finally make it to your flight only to be grounded for an unknown amount of time leaves people understandably upset.

After these people were boarded, their plane was delayed for maintenance. As the flight attendant was talking with the passengers she discovered that among them were four incredibly talented singers who make up the barbershop quartet, Port City.

Port City Sound is an award-winning barbershop quartet based on of Maine. These kind men also have big hearts and were willing to give the passengers a little entertainment while the maintenance was being completed.

The flight attendant asked if they’d be willing to sing for everyone. They didn’t think twice and then gave everyone quite a show. In a situation where frowns are covering most people’s faces, Port City Sound managed to bring out smiles on the plane.

You can even see multiple passengers whipping out their phones to capture the special moment. What a fun surprise for the people on board, a fun memory with such great old time entertainment!

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