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Autistic Boy Belts Song Inside Grocery Store, Jaws Drop Upon Hearing His Unexpected Voice

When out shopping, people can see and hear the darnedest things! Such was the case at one popular store when a little boy shocked everyone around him.

As shoppers walked up and down the aisles, they saw a young boy standing alone with a determined look on his face.

Little did they know that he was about to give them a performance that they would never forget.

His name is Calum Courtney and he is a 10-year-old boy with autism.

However, he doesn’t let anything in life get in the way of pursuing music.

He is passionate about music and his love for it really shines through.

Though he is young, he acts well beyond his age and allows his love for music take control.

When he stepped out in the middle of the supermarket, he was ready to make his talent known.

Though he had no microphone, introduction or stage, he made use of the public place and began singing.

This rare moment took all the shoppers by surprise. For those that saw him from moment one, they were stunned by his confidence and talent.

Calum held absolutely nothing back as he belted out lyrics to a Smokey Robinson classic. With his hands tucked politely in his pockets, he stood there giving his humble performance everything he had.

The footage of this amazingly talented boy has since gone viral.

Calum’s willingness to step outside his comfort zone in the end brought about a lot of goodness.

So many people appreciated his impromptu public performance that brightened their day.

His talent may very well earn him a record deal one day, yet there in the midst of his song, Calum was content right where he was at.

This 10-year-old boy will blow you away when you see how he steps up and sings – just because that’s what he loves to do.

Watch the video below to see Calum’s supermarket performance of “Who’s Lovin’ You!”

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