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Baby and collie’s antics with water hose earn 24.1M views

You know those situations where it’s obviously wrong but you refuse to say anything out of sheer amusement?

We’ve all had those. Now as adults, situations like the ones mentioned could play out anywhere and we wouldn’t bat an eye.

Unless the cops pass by. But how about out in the garden? If you were in the position of authority, would you tell these two off?

Bet you won’t. Can’t pass judgement either seeing as how cute it all is.

A child, a toddler, and a dog are playing with a water hose.

The Collie is probably the kid’s companion and guardian but in terms of exercising authority, this good boy is failing spectacularly at it. Maybe because he’s thirsty…

The little boy holds the water hose up so the dog can drink, and once it does, he starts swinging it making the dog chase after the water.

He giggles with all his tiny heart watching his buddy play along to his antics.

And why wouldn’t his Collie be? This breed has been described as devoted, graceful, and proud.

They are a native breed from Scotland. mostly in the Highland regions but also bred in the Lowlands and even Northern England.

They were primarily used as herding dogs but because of their undying loyalty, sensitivity, and intelligence, they’ve become great family dogs always eager to please and assist their owners.

This little boy is in good hands. Remember that film and television show Lassie?

Yes, you do. It was about a Rough Collie who always came to the rescue and saved the day because of her wits.

What if you found out that those stories aren’t too far of the mark? Collie’s have a unique ability to know when something is wrong.

There are many accounts from owners of Collies coming to save the day.

The child’s orange shirt and blue shorts are a perfect look for his little boy energy.

Just look at his handsome face when he smiles and laughs at the dog’s reactions!

The dog’s coat is typical Collie.

Impressively showy and flowing, giving them that distinct look most owners are proud of. This one loves his human friend!

Look closely and you can see another Collie in the back.

Though that one preferred to watch from afar.

Must have been one of the over 24.1 million viewers these two have! He watches closely as if he’s trying to decide if he wants to join in on the fun.

Then suddenly just walks off. We can only guess he decided getting a drink from the hose wasn’t worth the risk of getting soaked from an unpredictable toddler.

They’re both very happy which are typical for a toddler but an excellent trait of the Collie.

Most experts agree on supervising kids and dogs as the encounter can be unpredictable for both.

But there are a lot of specially bonded kids and pets that are sure to give you the warm, fuzzy feels.

Now this was uploaded back in 2008, so fast forward to today, this kid must be around 12-14 now.

But you can bet he’s still got his Collie by his side.

They are protective but not aggressive, only giving out a warning if they sense a threat. Oh and the dog too.

The child’s laughs and giggles are like music, seeing as even the dog was so happy just being with him.

No wonder they remain the most popular pets for people. Lucky little boy.

Thirsty for some cuteness? Click on the video below!

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