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Baby demands huskies put him to bed

Parents know that a child’s bedtime routine is really code for pushing bedtime away as long as possible.

Children will come up with just about anything to not fall asleep.

They need water, they need a bedtime story, they have to go to the bathroom or even need a snack.

Children will get creative if they have to, just like Parker does.

Parker has a bit different bedtime routine, but one that is just as time consuming.

Parker needs his two Huskies, Milpert and Rupert, to help him fall asleep.

Parker gets his bottle and even kisses from his dad but that is not even for him.

Parker needs kisses and cuddles from Milpert (Millie) and Rupert.

Once Parker makes it to his bed, his dad calls in the necessary bedtime reenforcement, the Huskies.

These lovable Huskies have no problem loving up on their little human.

Parker might say he needs them to fall asleep, but their arrival sure makes him more awake and excited.

Parker’s laughter over his Huskies would make the bedtime struggles worth it.

He is clearly ecstatic that he gets to sleep with his dogs.

He is giving them kisses and pets as much as he can.

Rupert and Millie has made Parker one of their pack and is willing to take care of him at all costs, even their own comfort.

Siberian Huskies are the perfect family dogs. All About Siberian Huskies outlines why they make great family dogs, especially with small children.

“… their affable natures tend to make them good dogs to pair with small children.

They also have a wonderfully level temperament, so you will not have to worry about them suddenly becoming aggressive towards your children … Since they were raised to be pack dogs, every person a Husky meets is a friend.”

Millie and Rupert have clearly included Parker into their pack.

Millie comes onto Parker’s bed first but Parker is still missing one of his Huskies.

The moment Rupert comes into the room, Parker lets out an excited scream and his face widens with a great, big smile.

Bedtime is still clearly far away, Parker is only getting more and more hyper. Parker starts begging Rupert for a kiss in the cutest voice.

Parker’s favorite part of his Huskies might be their ears, he cannot get enough of them.

Parker is pushing bedtime further away by loving on his huskies ears.

He will gently pat them and jump up and down in excitement.

Who knows why he loves their ears, but it might be the cutest part of the video.

Millie seems to be the more relaxed husky out of the two, but as the female, maybe she just has a more maternal instinct to get Parker to sleep.

Rupert leaves the room as Parker starts to get more and more sleepy next to Millie in his bed.

Parker starts to take his cues from Millie and starts to fall asleep.

Parker’s bedtime routine might be a creative way to push it further away, but in the end, he is fast asleep next to Millie.

Millie is asleep as well in the beginning but does not stay asleep.

She is not going to move out of the bed though and wake up Parker.

Millie stays still in Parker’s bed and let’s her little pack member sleep soundly.

Press play and watch Parker’s adorable bedtime routine with his loving Huskies.

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