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Baby elephant charms passers-by with adorable jazzy dance moves

Elephants are majestical creatures, for the world’s largest land animal, they’re rather light on their feet.

This baby elephant shows us just how light when he breaks out an adorable dance that will melt your heart.

It’s like ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ by Henry Mancini was made for this little Elephant!

The YouTube video ‘Dancing Baby Elephant’ showcases one small Elephant’s ability to bust a move and unsurprisingly went viral

This video took place in South Africa, on the Sabi Sands game reserve bordering Kruger National Park.

At the beginning of the clip, you can see one baby Elephant in the middle a dirt road swinging his little trunk around.

Fun fact, Elephants trunks are a fusion of their nose and upper lip.

They spend 12-18 hours everyday eating grass, plants, and fruit using their long trunks to smell the food and lift it into their mouths.

The curious little Elephant comes right up to the people filming, stretching out his trunk to smell the friendly visitors

Just when you thought the baby Elephant was alone, you see a much larger one walk across the screen right before the baby walks up to the people filming.

That’s when you start to see his herd coming out from the bushes surrounding the dirt road.

Out of nowhere, the baby Elephant really starts dancing, it kicks its legs up while swinging his trunk and bopping its head.

When the baby Elephant seemingly runs out of moves, it starts hopping on one leg and it’s the cutest thing ever

Stretching his legs out and suspending them in the air, the baby Elephant begins to really show off for the camera.

This little one’s not camera shy at all, maybe because he has a whole herd of elephants close by to protect him.

The sheer size of the bigger Elephants will take your breath away, you can see them grazing in the back round as the silly baby dances for the people on the road.

With the song ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ playing in the back round, it’s like the song was meant just for this little dancer

Henry Mancini wrote ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ in 1961, far before this young elephant was born. It was originally written for the movie ‘Hatari,’ but all these years later it’s perfect for this babies dance.

At the end of the video, the baby Elephant starts playing with a rock in the road rolling it around with his feet.

People on YouTube fell in love with the dancing baby Elephant, it quickly went viral with waves of viewers watching the funny and adorable video.

Over 1.25 million people have viewed ‘Dancing Baby Elephant’ video on YouTube, with 12k feeling compelled to like it

It’s no surprise the precious little Elephant went viral, how could you not want to watch the lovable creature dancing!? Social media/technology has opened many doors, one is the ability it’s given us to see parts of the wild we never dreamed of before.

Watching videos of Baby Elephants never gets old, the miraculous animals are so unique and seem to love to play.

This little one really likes to dance, and thanks to YouTube we get to watch him. To see the baby Elephant dancing to ‘Walk Baby Elephant,’ watch the video below!

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