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Baby Elephant Excited To Spot Keeper Nearby, Runs Over & Greets Him In Hilarious Way

Animals can form amazing bonds with humans. They also can express themselves in heartfelt and surprising ways.

This baby elephant’s bright idea made her keeper realize just how attached she had become and he couldn’t stop smiling about it.

It seemed like any ordinary day with the elephants, but one single moment quickly changed everything.


This elephant keeper was content sitting and watching the action that took place among the elephants. But one particular baby elephant wanted him to be a bit more involved.

She noticed him sitting all by himself and decided to make her way over to him. It all escalated from there.


Their friendly interaction was enough for this baby elephant to feel at home with her keeper. His loving touch and friendly voice had her snuggled up in his welcoming arms.

He soon realized exactly how much she felt at home with him the second she made her way over. Watching from a distance was a thing of the past!


Not only was she there to greet him, but she also wanted to climb up onto his lap! The keeper’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

It’s a beautiful thing when animals show their love for humans in ways like this baby elephant displays. She treats this keeper like family, forgetting all about personal space.


Just as a child would hop up on a parent’s lap, this elephant goes for it without thinking twice. Although baby elephants weigh around 200 pounds at birth, this elephant had to have weighed even more than that, but the keeper doesn’t seem to care.

Watch the way this elephant keeper handles the situation as the adorable baby elephant gets closer. As sweet as the baby elephant is to show her love for her keeper, his reaction is equally heart-warming.


This keeper is a blessing to the baby elephant, sharing affection with her. These two together are just so adorable!

Watch the way they make each other’s day in the video below.

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