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Baby elephant melts hearts with wave “hello” to tourists

When you go on a safari, you never know what to expect!

That is the beautiful thing about the parts of our world that are still untamed.

You never know how Mother Nature is going to say hello to you next. In this video, it’s obvious!

Safaris are a chance to put yourself in a bit of danger in exchange for a bit of adventure!

To some, getting into a jeep and driving deep into the African countryside with no promise of safety is a dream trip!

For those people, a wild and adventurous safari is exactly the kind of trip they dream of.

one group of adventure tourists at the Shamwari Game Park, that desire for a connection with nature was about to come true!

The Shamwari Game Park is located in South Africa and is dedicated to restoring Africa’s Eastern Cape.

With such a large swath of land, the Shamwari Game Park is home to quite a few animals. The park itself actually has five biomes that are exclusive to only Africa!

“Shamwari is home to five of South Africa’s seven biomes, making it a destination unlike any other.” – Shamwari

One of the experience packages you can go on is known as a “game drive”.

On one of these game drives, a group of tourists had an experience with a group of elephants that even the driver and guide weren’t prepared for!

While elephants aren’t super uncommon on these drives, they NEVER get this close!

Thankfully, we have a video from one of the passengers that shows the close encounter.

When an elephant mama and her baby get within arms reach of the vehicle you are in, you realize just how small you really are!

If this mama decided that you were a threat, it wouldn’t matter how many people are on your jeep with you – she would destroy it!

The good thing is that this mama didn’t feel threatened; in fact, her baby felt safe!

When the care drove up, the elephants approached with a bit of apprehension.

They are some of the smartest animals on the planet, and caution usually suits most people and animals, well.

When they finally get close enough to touch, the baby calf does something incredible!

Lifting his trunk, he waves at the passengers!

With tensions high and the entire caravan holding its breath, unsure of how this mother will respond to their intrusion, the calf breaks the tension by living up his trunk and saying hello!

He had probably seen someone waving to him and decided to wave back!

The moment was so incredible that the tour guide didn’t believe it just happened!

Over the years, it’s apparently possible to get used to seeing these crazy creatures.

This moment was a reminder to even the staff that nature is always ready to surprise you at a moment’s notice. The man in the video can even be heard saying:

“Oh he loves you! This is the closest I’ve ever been to a baby”

It’s a wonderful reminder of the gentleness AND power of nature. What creature shows that more than an elephant?

Check out the adorably sweet video below!

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