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Baby Girl Gets Bear From Deployed Dad. But She Flips Out When She Squeezes Her Teddy’s Hand.

When we’re a toddler, things are simple. We have the person (or people) who takes care of us—be it our mother, father, a relative, or an adoptive parent, and we have our siblings and friends.

We know who they are and we know that we absolutely love them unconditionally because they’ve managed to make us feel love and protection, and they’ve taken care of us selflessly. So when one or more of these sacred people in our lives go away, it is of course difficult to fathom.In reality however, it’s not always feasible for someone to be around all of the time, especially when someone is in the military, having to face deployment. Sometimes, children and a spouse have to go months or years without seeing their loved ones. Which is what happened to this little girl.

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