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Baby Girl Gets Bear From Deployed Daddy & Flips Out When She Squeezes Its Hand

By all accounts, Pia is daddy’s little girl! So when her father found out he was to be deployed for eight long months, he decided to do something incredible.

Before Pia’s father Drew left, he built his daughter a bear with a special voice recording inside!

Drew made his wife promised to wait a full month into his deployment until she unveiled the incredible gift to Pia.

The days ticked by slowly, but finally, the month passed. With a big grin on her face, Mom presented Pia with the teddy bear.

As soon as Pia pressed the bear’s paw and heard her father’s voice saying, “Hi, P.

I love you. I’ll see you soon,” she started screaming, “Daddy!” Her reaction is proof that she really is a daddy’s girl!

As a Navy Man, Drew is all too familiar with life away from his family.

But things are a little different this time. Drew’s wife, Kelly, is pregnant with their second girl and is due to give birth four months before he returns home!

The expectant father can’t wait to see his baby girl for the very first time! But for now, Pia is the apple of his eye and his voice comforts her when she’s feeling down!

Take a peek at Pia’s adorable reaction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

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