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Baby Girl Realizes Daddy’s Home, Mom Hits Record Just In Time To Capture Unforgettable Footage

This video is almost too cute to handle. A baby girl waits expectantly on the front porch because she knows what’s about to happen.

It’s about the time of day when daddy will pull into the driveway in his pickup truck.

Mom knows what’s about to happen too: her little girl will seem to explode from excitement when she’s about to see her daddy.

She turns on the camera and captures the most adorable greeting you’ve ever seen!

She hears the hum of the pickup truck coming down the road and her eyes open wide.

“Daddy?” she asks to herself. Then a smile appears on her face and she turns around to make a dash off of the front porch.

In her excitement, she drops the bottle she’s carrying because she just can’t wait to get to the truck.

Then she lets out the most adorable squeals that will melt you. It is very clear that this little one loves her daddy.

As the pickup truck comes to a halt, the little girl does, too. She waits for her daddy to greet her.

“Hey baby!” he says with a smile. “Come here!” There was no time wasted. The cute little girl runs to her daddy without a moment’s hesitation.

It’s easy to see that this little girl is wrapped around daddy’s finger. This daddy loves to love on his baby, too, that’s for sure.

It is heartwarming and so special to see these two show their love for each other. And it’s so charming that it will put a smile on your face!

Watch this little girl’s happiest moment of her day in this cute video below.

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