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Baby panda almost succeeds with hilarious crib escape

Pandas are known for being adorably clumsy. We’ve seen videos of them falling over each other, rolling around and notably, half of the internet is founded upon a particular video of a panda cub sneezing.

After being declared endangered for over fifteen years, in September of 2016 they were downgraded from “endangered” status, to “vulnerable”.

While this means that they are no longer on the brink of extinction per se, they still need a lot of help in regaining their population.

There has been a huge effort in China to help them grow their numbers.

That’s why panda nurseries still exist, and consequently that’s why adorable videos of panda cubs in those nurseries exist too!

One clip in particular is equal parts cute and hilarious.

It features one particularly mischievous cub who, unlike his friends, is not ready for bed time.

While his buddies sleep on soundly, he will stop at nothing to escape.

Only… he’s having a bit of trouble. These cubs are notoriously uncoordinated, and it seems to take an excessive amount of concentration to conquer the barrier.

Once the little guy is atop the great crib wall, he doesn’t really seem to know what to do next.

…Perhaps he could try another way…

When the first method doesn’t work, our little climber shimmies around and tries to go straight over.

Something tells me he’s going to struggle even more with this.

Just look at how he clings on desperately, just trying to keep his balance and stay on the railing.

The next step is to get a leg up onto the railing.

This may be easier said than done when this baby’s coordination just hasn’t hit the mark yet.

While all of his furry fellow pandas are happily snoozing, he simply will not give up.

Eventually he gets that leg up! … And ends up back here he started.

With two legs either side of the pole, he’s back to square one.

The real question is, will he be able to move that step further? Will he get over the railing?

He does, but his efforts have attracted the attention of someone in the nursery.

She walks in to see this fuzzy escape artist, and judging by her apathetic baby-sitter like response, this must be a regular occurrence here.

She watches him struggle for a while, and caught in the act he seems to want to try climb back into the crib. But of course, he is just too clumsy to get it right and he struggles to move, now stuck on the railing. At long last, he gets a little help getting in.

Of course, the struggle is not over. When our little guy is lowered back into the crib he obviously is too clumsy to land gracefully and folds himself into the crib.

Once he regains his composure (for however short a time he can) he immediately begins trying to climb out again.

Whoever is responsible for this young cub has their work cut out for them!

Watch the full video below to enjoy this harrowing (and adorable) escape attempt

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