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Baby Pulls On Adopted Cat’s Leg, Mom’s Captured Footage Goes Viral

Bringing home a new pet can come with lots of challenges! What food should they eat? What type of toys should they play with? How much should they exercise?

Unfortunately, all of those questions are amplified tenfold when there’s a child involved! Suddenly, the main focus is how to make sure your little one and the new pet get along perfectly!

That’s exactly what this new mom was going through when she brought home and adoptive cat!

The Humane Society has some pointers for parents who find themselves in the same situation as this new mom.

The organization’s website explains that introducing a cat to the new baby can be a tricky process, “No matter how much you plan ahead, the addition of a new family member may be difficult for your pet.

Remember, your dog or cat was your first ‘baby’ and is used to being the center of your attention. So it’s understandable that she may experience something akin to sibling rivalry when you introduce a new human baby into your household.

You can minimize this feeling by working with her before you bring home your baby. For example, because your new baby will demand a lot of your time and energy, gradually accustom your pet to spending less time with you.

Mom was so worried that Lemsie, the new family cat, wouldn’t take to their baby boy!

So she gently placed Lemsie next to her son and had the camera rolling just in case something spectacular happened.

Thankfully she did, because the interaction that followed is one for the ages. Take a peek at their adorable interaction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

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