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Baby rabbits believe Golden Retriever is their mom, and she is happy to take them in

This is Bailey.

He’s a Golden Retriever with the biggest heart.

One of his best friends at home is a rabbit, so you can imagine just how happy Bailey was when his fluffy housemate had babies.

Apparently, Bailey already knew beforehand that his friend was expecting so the cheerful dog wasn’t at all surprised when he walked in a room one day and saw the rabbit cuddling its newborns.

Like the perfect angel that he is, Bailey was overjoyed at meeting the bunnies.

He didn’t just head over and sniff around. Before doing so, Bailey simply set his head down, quietly observing the mommy rabbit take care of her newborns.

As if to show love and support to his friend, Bailey even planted a kiss on the rabbit at one point – a gesture that seemed to say, “Great job!”

It comes as no surprise that Bailey was ever the doting companion to the rabbits.

He was with them every step of the way.

The closeness that formed between Bailey and the bunnies seemed to have given them the impression that he like a second mom of some sort.

Bailey even has his own “proud parent” moments!

When the bunnies were about five days old, they began to hop about.

This prompted a surprising reaction from the Golden Retriever.

Bailey seemed both shocked and thrilled at witnessing this milestone.

And to make things even better, the mommy rabbit actually went up to Bailey for what looked like a hug – like two proud parents seeing their child toddle for the first time.

It didn’t take long for the bunnies to hop back and forth with ease.

Shortly after, they became even stronger and could play better – something that made Bailey very happy.

The bunnies would playfully hop around Bailey, and the sweet dog would play along.

But apart from sharing fun times with the bunnies, playing around the house, Bailey would also make sure the little ones were well taken care of.

The adoring Golden Retriever would let the bunnies sleep under him, and he would even lick them clean.

Precious moments between Bailey and the bunnies were captured on video which immediately went viral on YouTube, garnering over 8.7 million views.

This response prompted Bailey’s family to keep viewers up to date on Bailey and the bunnies, sharing more delightful instances such as Bailey feeding the little ones some carrots from the yard.

Well, he did do most of the eating but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless.

The furry YouTube sensation has been well-loved since he was a puppy but it was his heartwarming bond with the bunnies that made him even more popular.

From being the perfect companion to his human parents and his best friend, the rabbit, to being the most caring “parent” to the bunnies, Bailey definitely has hearts melting all over the world with his gentle, loving nature.

We’re sure the darling Golden Retriever will be even more loving and devoted with his own babies someday.

See how the lovable dog tends to the little bunnies by watching the video below.

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