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Baby seal surprises polar bear cub and his hilarious reaction earns 9M views

Out in the wild, some of the sweetest looking creatures can be the most deadly, and animals are often trained to become predators from young.

Polar bears are a great example of a surprisingly deadly predator, and despite looking all cute and fluffy, they’re actually the largest carnivore that lives on land.

As polar bears live in the Arctic, seals are their food of choice, and they use sea ice as a platform to hunt their pray.

It’s long and patient work, as seals only come up for air every thirty minutes.

From young, polar bears are taught how to catch their dinner, so that they can go on to survive as an adult.

But this isn’t always exciting work, and patience is something that young polar bears have to learn over time.

The BBC captured the moment when a mama polar bear attempted to teach her two cubs how to catch a seal – but they weren’t expecting a hilariously adorable surprise.

The video, titled, “Polar bear cub is surprised by a seal,” was posted onto YouTube by the BBC, and it’s racked up an impressive 9.5 million views.

At the beginning of the video, the mama bear and her cubs wait next to a hole in the ice for a seal to emerge.

As they pop their heads up every thirty minutes or so, the mama knows that it won’t be long until one arrives. She sits and waits patiently – but her cubs soon begin to get bored.

Adorably, the female cub cozies up next to her mom and appears to be drifting off to sleep.

Meanwhile, the male cub wants to have some fun. The sweet little guy runs around proudly with a snowball that he has made himself and seems totally uninterested in the prospect of catching dinner.

The cheeky little cub’s games take him away from the hole that his mom and sister are waiting at, and closer to a different hole.

As he sits and plays with his snowball, something totally unexpected happens.

Instead of popping out at the hole that the others are waiting at, the seal pops his head up right in front of the cub, giving him the biggest surprise!

Caught off guard, the little cub falls backward onto his back while the seal simply looks at him curiously.

It’s safe to say that this cub hasn’t quite mastered the skills of capturing his dinner yet.

This has to be one of the sweetest moments we’ve ever seen, and we’re secretly pretty glad that this seal was spared from being the polar bear’s dinner.

People took to the comments to express their love for the video, with one person saying,:

“I like how the seal realizes it’s a baby just sits there for a minute and looks . If that was mama he would not have done that.”

Another added:

“I’d be surprised too if dinner popped up from the floor in front of me.”

We reckon we would be too! Watch the adorable video below.

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