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Beautiful Woman’s Unique Acts Earns Golden Buzzer With Simon Exclaiming “You Are One Of The Best Contestants Ever”

America’s Got Talent is one of the most popular platforms for undiscovered performers who are given the opportunity to exhibit their talents not just to a panel of judges composed of influential personalities, but to the rest of the world.

Its extension, America’s Got Talent: The Champions is a competition which features finalists, winners, and other contestants who, despite not winning, made a strong impression.

A perfect example of a standout talent is Kseniya Simonova, a young sand artist from Ukraine.

“In the day, I was a mother. At night, I was an artist.”

Back in 2009, she won Ukraine’s Got Talent with her fascinating performance and just recently, she won over the judges and the audience of America’s Got Talent: The Champions and earned herself the Golden Buzzer.

Pressing the Golden Buzzer signifies immediate progress to the next round regardless of the other judges’ votes.

It was a concept developed to break ties, too. Kseniya Simonova was one of the lucky few in the history of the show to prompt the pressing of the Golden Buzzer.

The story she told through her mesmerizing sand art tugged on the heartstrings of everybody present, eliciting one positive reaction after another throughout her performance.

Before she began creating art onstage, she gave a brief introduction of the story she wanted to tell.

It was about a child who grew up to become an artist but ended up forgetting his parents, only realizing his mistake when it was too late.

Kseniya’s piece began with a drawing of the galaxy, which she used as a backdrop for the first part of her story: the beginning of a family, complete with a pregnant woman, her husband, and the infant.

It then transitioned to the next stage which showed the child reading, then later on holding an artist’s palette and painting on a canvas.

The poignant story ended with an illustration of the adult artist standing near the hunched body of his father, a silhouette which Kseniya turned into a gravestone.

The absorbing performance told a deep story which resonated with everybody in the studio.

It emphasized the importance of cherishing one’s parents, making the most of each moment spent with them no matter what life brings, and not waiting until it’s too late.

Kseniya Simonov used her unique talent to reach out, inspire, and tell a beautifully needful story.

Through art and passion, she was able to send a strong message to everyone fortunate enough to witness her performance.

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