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Bobcat attempts massive long jump over water

Nature holds so many cool surprises. For us who are constantly in the city, fighting our way through traffic and crowded streets, it’s good to take a break from the fast paced lifestyle and just commune with mother nature.

Lucky these guys who were out fishing for some blue crab when out of nowhere, a Bobcat appeared and made an impressive feat of athleticism even Lebron James would be green with envy.

Now these mammals are elusive and nocturnal.

So to see one out in the day is definitely a cool treat.

Thank the heavens for modern day cellphones and cameras. The Bobcat can be seen walking across the weir until it got to the opening of the low dam.

Now we’ve all seen domestic cats leap from a squatting position all the way up to the top of a wall or something, right?

Well this is similar, except ten times cooler.

The guy has his camera trained on the Bobcat who at this point had already crouched down, getting its breathing right and flexing its muscles for what it was about to do next. Forget the crabs for awhile!

Even the other guys stopped whatever it was they were doing.

And it was all worth it because the Bobcat, from its crouched position, explodes with so much power and clears the huge gap of the weir with one awesome jump. This cat doesn’t skip leg day.

The guys were more than amazed.

Now it wasn’t just the big gap it cleared. The Bobcat decided to show off, springing off each spaced expanse on the other end three times.

It didn’t look to be too difficult for the animal too. You can bet it’s jumped greater distances before. Just awesome.

No sweat.

The Bobcat doesn’t even stretch or cool down, just casually walking in to the bushes leaving the men shocked at what they’ve just witnessed. Even the cat’s online viewers were impressed,

“He made it look like it was easy. I think he could’ve jumped even longer.“

You bet it could.

Lynx Rufus are rarely spotted by humans but they can thrive in a variety of habitats. Swamps, forests, deserts, and even small towns are places this cool cat can live in.

They hunt by stealth, preying on rabbits, squirrels, mice, and sometimes bigger animals. Now back to that stealth thing. A Bobcat can cover ten feet in a single leap.

These cats are fierce.

Bobcats prefer to be alone and while they are around twice the size of a house cat, they don’t back away from hunting snakes and lizards.

These guys can run up to 48kph too. They are built for the hunt.

Like another viewer said,

“With such beauty and finesse — that’s quite a distance — what a magnificent sight — to watch such athleticism.”

These guys were only planning on catching a few crabs that day, maybe even down a few beers, but the Bobcat came out to remind them that the local wildlife are not to be taken lightly. Over 3.1 million viewers know that now.

So if you’re feeling tired, stressed out in the city, take a trip. Go out in to the country and see what surprises nature has in store for you. It really is quite refreshing. All it takes is a leap of faith.

Check out the cat’s awesome jump in the video below!

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