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Boogie Woogie dance couple score 1st place at World Cup Championship

What has 2020 made you miss the most about normal life?

For many it is live performances. To watch the best of the best compete with smiles on their faces.

A live performance can invigorate your soul with its pure beauty.

Sondre and Tanya are two of the greatest boogie woogie dancers in the world and their performances bring smiles to audience faces every time they hit the dance floor.

Live performances might still not be what they used to be but that is where the beauty of the internet comes in.

When we cannot gather together to watch Sondre and Tanya boogie woogie on a dance floor in person, we can watch two of their greatest dances on the internet.

Boogie woogie is a dance that “…was originally inspired by American Rock ‘n’ Roll/Lindy Hop dancing of the 1950s, but gradually developed its own European style and personality. Boogie Woogie is a playful and improvised couple dance, often in medium or slightly fast tempi, with a significant footwork based on musical interpretation.”

In November 2019, Sondre and Tanya won first place for their slow and fast boogie woogie dances at the Main Class World Cup in Genova, Italy.

This duo was able to strut their moves on the dance floor in two very different boogie woogie styles, fast and slow.

They started off with their slow boogie woogie to Etta James “Spoonful.” The dance might be slow but that does not stop it from being highly impressive.

Sondre and Tanya were able to showcase their fancy footwork and intense trick moves to the slow beat.

Tanya was wearing a beautiful, long, white gown for the slow performance but changed for the fast boogie woogie.

She came out for the second dance in a short, white dress for the more upbeat and quicker pace.

It was time to get playful and the outfit change showcases that.

They are going to twist, turn, and shake it all over the dance floor and she needed a dress to suit the dance’s needs.

The duo performed their fast boogie woogie to “Troubles, Troubles” by Clarence “Frogman” Henry.

The song might be speaking about troubles but these two did not have any during this amazing dance performance.

They are trouble free and completely in step with each other.

They are having so much fun on the dance floor and it makes their dance that much more enjoyable to watch.

Their joy is contagious for the audience cheering them on and the online viewers at home.

Sondre and Tanya have been dancing individually since they were children, but they started dancing together in 2015. Their official website states,

“Our partnership started at SwingAout Festival 2015. Since then we have been competing, teaching and performing boogie woogie all around Europe and outside it. With great joy we travel to spread the love for swing dancing in general and boogie woogie in particular … Our plan is to keep on competing, performing, teaching and sharing the dance we love in any possible way!”

Sondre and Tanya might not have been able to share their love of the boogie woogie on a dance floor, such as this one’s, but that has not stopped them from dancing during 2020.

They said they wanted to share their love of dance in any way possible and they meant it.

Sondre and Tanya’s Instagram page is full of their continued dancing adventures the past year.

They are sharing old competition wins, like this one, but also dancing it up at home.

Sondre and Tanya are here to remind us that dancing can be and should be done anywhere.

Watch Sondre and Tanya’s two dances in full right below. They are incredible!

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