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Boy from a very poor family returns a stranger’s wallet he found on the ground

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Have you ever lost your wallet? If so, you’ll know how crushing it can feel.

Chase Dahlke recently experienced this. Luckily, a kind soul found it.

One afternoon, an 11-year-old boy, Vince Hietpas, and his dad, Lorenzo, were enjoying a walk through their local park. Then Vince saw something on the ground.

It was a wallet. Quickly, Vince picked up the wallet and looked inside.

He found a driver’s license in the wallet and looked up the address.

Without a second thought, Vince and his dad were on the way to the home, determined to get the wallet back to its owner.

Soon, Vince and his dad had found the home. So Vince walked up to the front door and pressed the doorbell.

The family members were at their neighbors’ home at that time. But they had a video doorbell and spoke to Vince with that.

Jason, the dad of the kid who had lost the wallet, was amazed at what Vince had done.

Not only was he returning the wallet, but he had gone to the owner’s home right away.

Soon, Jason and his son, Chase, who had lost the wallet, met up with Vince and his father.

Chase and Jason thanked the other father and son. They said that they wished they could reward them, but the only money they had at hand was $2 in Chase’s wallet.

So they gave Vince the $2 and thanked them once again.

But after Vince and his dad had left, Chase’s family felt bad. They knew that Vince had gone above and beyond. He really needed more of a reward than $2.

So Chase’s mom, Michelle, posted a picture of Vince onto Facebook. She informed her friends that her family wanted to reward him for returning Chase’s wallet.

Soon, someone recognized the child in the photo.

Chase’s family contacted Vince’s family. That was when the shocking truth came out.

Vince’s family was undergoing severe financial hardship. Lorenzo, Vince’s father, had contracted coronavirus.

He had since recovered, but the virus has left lingering health issues. Lorenzo still struggles with breathing.

That meant that he lost his job at a meat-packing factory.

“You know, I tried a couple of times to go to my regular job, but I can’t do it.” – Lorenzo Hietpas.

Since losing his job, Lorenzo had been trying to find work any way he could.

But it was not enough, and the family had been plunged into poverty.

Michelle asked Vince personally what reward he wanted for returning the wallet.

Vince responded that he wanted socks, as he was currently sharing his socks with his father.

So Chase’s family gave Vince lots of socks and a very generous financial reward.

Michelle also started a GoFundMe for Vince’s family.

To date, that GoFundMe has raised just over $10,000 for the family.

Additionally, people all over America have been sending gifts to Vince’s family, such as gift cards, clothes, designer shoes, food and more.

Hopefully, the money and donations that Vince and his family have received will help them until the world recovers from coronavirus and Lorenzo can find a suitable job.

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