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Boy Tells Dad He’s “Too Busy” Playing Video Games To Help Him, Dad’s Whopping Lesson Makes Headlines

It’s not easy being a parent. At first, it seems like a dream, where you feel like you’re the hero.

Your children rely on you, and you want to score parental points with your partner.

But then reality sets in, and after a few years you realize it can sometimes be a nightmare.

Parenting has its ups and downs. It can be difficult, but it’s every parent’s duty to raise their children right.

One father wanted to impart an important lesson to his son, but he and his wife didn’t realize how much it had affected the young boy.

Clint Edwards is a father and writer. His book, Honest, Hilarious Stories From a Father of Three Who Made All the Mistakes (and Made up for Them), has been hailed by critics and readers alike for its honesty and witty remarks about being a parent.

He also runs a blog and a Facebook page where he regularly posts reflections on parenting and shares some of his hilarious moments with his family.

One Facebook post received over 5,000 reactions and more than a thousand shares. The topic? Clint’s eleven-year-old son, Tristan.

The writer and father began by saying that he always thought of his son as kind of a slob. He said:

I often describe my 11yo as an immovable slug of a boy, so when I asked him to help me unload dirt from our small pickup into his mother’s new garden boxes, his reaction was typical.

His son was only half-listening and said that he was busy.

Clint disagreed. Tristan was playing Roblock on the family laptop, feet propped up on the coffee table.

Lounging around in sweats, he certainly didn’t look like he was busy doing something worthwhile.

The young boy grumbled for a bit, but Clint managed to get him outside shoveling dirt.

But it wasn’t uneventful. Moments later, his son asked why they were dirtying themselves and going through all the trouble.

It made Clint realize something–that it was time to teach his son to be a better person by doing one simple act for the lady of the house.

Clint wasn’t into gardening either, but his wife, Mel, loved it. So, he told his son the very simple but truthful reason:

“When you love someone, you serve them.”

He proceeded to tell his son that he wanted him to grow up to be the kind of man who served his family and community.

He gestured to the garden and said that it was what loved looked like. But Clint saw that it didn’t satisfy his son.

However, the next day, Mel was trying to unload another pack of dirt.

Before she could do it, though, Tristan volunteered to help. When Mel asked why, he simply said:

“Because I love you.”

Mel recounted the interaction with her husband Clint later that day and while it came as a complete surprise to Clint, who didn’t realize that his speech had made such an impact on his young son, he couldn’t have been prouder.

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