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Boy with autism leaves teacher lost for words with poem he wrote for homework assignment

Lines of poetry burn with everlasting emotion.

The words can penetrate deep in the soul and shake your very insides until they dance vigorously.

Whether you’re into William Shakespeare or Robert Frost, it just means that there’s something about similes, metaphors, and hyperboles that take your breath away.

Recently, a poem was written by a very creative student that has stolen the hearts and minds of those who’ve read it.

Benjamin Giroux is a 14-year-old student from Plattsburg, New York

He has realized just how special and unique he is.

He lives with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a condition on the autism spectrum that typically displays socially awkward behavior.

Despite his condition, Benjamin still displays a high degree of motor functionality.

It became even more evident when Benjamin’s teacher assigned his classroom a task to write a poem using the words, “I am” at the beginning of each stanza.

This gave Benjamin the opportunity to search his heart for the right words.

There’s no doubt that Benjamin has lived a very interesting life due to his condition.

As a result, he made sure to share his feelings, frustrations, and triumphs with the world with this simple, yet profound poem about himself.

The poem talks about Benjamin’s thoughts towards himself, his surroundings, and his reflection when thinking about the way he perceives reality.

It further opens up about his struggles as a child with autism and how it has impacted how he views himself within the context of society.

To say his words are powerful would be an understatement.

Benjamin’s words are truly fascinating and have inspired kids with similar backgrounds

The last segment alludes to a more positive, hopeful message. He hopes that regardless of feeling like a “castaway”, he can someday “fit in” and not feel as different as he may think.

Benjamin knows that while this may be a difficult task, he finds a sense of calmness in realizing he is both “odd” and “new”.

This keen observation is really something to celebrate.

The National Autism Association took notice, and so the organization decided to share the story on their Facebook page.

So far, it has been shared over 40,000 times! It has contributed to raising awareness and attention towards those who experience Aspergers and its condition.

Benjamin accurately captures what it feels like to go through the isolation of being different, while also keeping a level of clarity not always seen in children with autism.

His poem has been translated into 20 languages and turned into a book titled, “I am Odd, I am New”.

Social media has adopted the hashtag #oddtoo to collaborate with raising awareness.

Nowadays, Benjamin tries to avoid living up to the hype of his first poem, so he dedicates his time more to expressing himself through art and music that he takes pleasure in.

Benjamin has truly made an impact on everyone who is encountering this condition on a daily basis.

He shows us a small glimpse of what it means to walk in his shoes through a world that views him as different.

The embrace of his flaws and characteristics is what makes Benjamin an inspirational figure that will continue to pave the way for others as time goes by.

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