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Bride and her teenage sons surprise guests with epic mother-son dance at her wedding

Teens don’t normally look forward to weddings as a very fun event, but when it’s your mom getting married it’s a whole different story.

And not only were the 14 and 15-year-old brothers by their mom’s side on her wedding day, but they were also center stage for a whole new take on a mother-son dance.

After the ceremony, guests headed to the reception for some post-nuptial partying. But before they got the dance floor to themselves, they were treated to quite a performance.

Clad in all black suits with stylish sneakers, the eldest son begins to slow dance with his mom. And he looks just as excited as you’d expect a teenager to be in that situation.

He passes mom off to his younger brother as they finish dancing to Boyz II Men’s “A Song For Mama.”

For nearly 4 minutes they lull guests into thinking it’s just another slow dance – that is until the audio goes fuzzy.

Static rings out as everyone looks around.

The bride looks to her new husband sitting at their table as her older song walks out on the dance floor.

Turns out this mother-son(s) dance is going to be longer than expected!

But as the three begin clapping guests begin to smile as Uptown Funk rings out. NOW they’re in for a show.

And it turns out mom’s got some moves as they line up to dance in sync to entertain the guests.

We don’t know how mom is managing to keep up with the kids after an exhausting day, but she’s clearly ready to get funky and have some non-traditional fun!

The trio is all smiles as they dance to Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache” and DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out.” (And if you look closely, you can see that the bride isn’t doing this in heels – she’s got some fabulous red Converse on under her dress. No wonder she can move!)

From what we can tell, her new husband is looking on with great pride at his wife and stepsons entertain the guests.

But that’s not all! There’s still more to come!

We’re not sure how they came up with this particular playlist, but Tom Jones’ classic “It’s Not Unusual” is up next and involves some lip-synching too!

This is one entertaining and fun-loving family! We just hope the groom is ready to keep the beat with these three.

At this point, we’d be exhausted, but LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” comes on, seemingly just to prove that energy runs in the family as the trio breaks out into the running man.

Now if you think that’s all impressive, just wait until you see the final number. They decide to end with Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”!

We’re exhausted just thinking about trying to replicate those moves after six minutes of non-stop dancing (although granted, the first 4 were a slow dance).

Mom has a little misstep but quickly recovers to join her sons in the final minute of their performance.

When all is said and done the three hug it out as Boyz II Men ring out once again with “A Song For Mama” and the guests applaud one heck of a show.

Be sure to scroll down below to see their epic dance.

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