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Bride Is In Sneakers And Ready To Dance, But The Groom’s Next Move Caught Everyone Off Guard

This bride and groom started everything off on the right foot. Whether they are real life choreographers, or they happen to love the classic film Dirty Dancing, they got everyone cheering with their outstanding moves.

The wedding guests knew something special was about to happen when the groom slowly walks up to her to take her hand.

With her sneakers on, the bride spins and twirls in her white gown while the groom leads her along. The guests erupt with cheers and clapping as they go from one move to the next.

And as the bride and groom take the floor with each other, you can see the enjoyment of the moment on their faces.

The bride and groom share passion and excitement just like Johnny and Baby. Everyone in the room was sharing the excitement along with them!

And no one could have guessed that other members of the wedding party were in on this plan, too – just watch when they take the floor next to the groom!

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