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Bus Driver Sees Kids’ Treatment To Boy On Bus, Writes Note To Parents That’s Going Viral

It’s no secret that children can be cruel to those who are even a little bit different, sometimes without even meaning it.

Their lack of filter, blunt observations and vocal nature can be used to tear others down in a second, or to build others up selflessly – and which way their actions lean can often depend on the style of parenting they get at home!

 But one bus driver, named Cindy Clausen, was shocked when she saw two students on her route doing something out of the norm.

Instead of making fun of and bullying another boy on her bus with a disability, the children, a brother and sister, befriended the boy and made him feel included! They’ve asked to sit with him, offered to helped him on and off the bus, and talked to him about his day.

It was clear to Cindy that their parents were showing them the right way to treat people at home!


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