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Can You Spot The Soldiers Hiding In These Images? If You Can Then You’re In The Top 2%.

In 2010, Simon Menner came up with a pretty interesting idea. He contacted the German army to see if they could help him out: He wanted to create images where he was completely hidden in the scenery. He called his series “Camouflage,” and the presence of people in the images is incredibly difficult to pinpoint.

The photos were taken in northern Germany and in the German alps, and he had elite soldiers hide in the shots. Menner claims that his work is a conceptual take on war and conflict: The idea of us not seeing something that’s going on right in front of our faces.

Can you find the man in each of these photographs?

This one is basically impossible.

Can you see him? He’s definitely there.

Hint: Try to look where stones change color.

It’s almost impossible to see him in the trees and bushes.

Can you see him popping out from behind the bush?

Can you see him popping out from behind the bush?

Simon Menner

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