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Cat is thrown out of a window on a highway. Then 14-year-old dives to save his life

Everyone loves a good animal rescue story, but Lucky’s and Gavin’s story tops them all. What could have ended as a tragic instance of animal cruelty ended as a heartwarming story of compassion and friendship instead.


Erin Brown was driving her 14-year-old son, Gavin, to a birthday party on Sunday, February 12, when she gasped in horror. They were on a busy overpass and a moving vehicle ahead of them had just thrown a cat out of the window. Erin slammed on the brakes, and when she did, Gavin jumped from the vehicle and proceeded to signal to oncoming traffic to stop.

According to Erin, the poor cat was scrambling all over the highway, trying to get a grip on the pavement. When he did, he ran straight to the edge of the overpass, about to jump off.

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