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Celtic Woman take “Amazing Grace” to new heights with thrilling vocals

If you’re open to exploring different music genres, then you’ll surely appreciate the distinct sound of Celtic Woman.

Known for tapping various styles such as folk, new age, adult contemporary, and classical crossover, Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical ensemble with eleven albums, a number of world tours, and over nine million records sold worldwide.

It all started back in 2004 when musical director David Downes recruited five talented female musicians.

The initial repertoire included traditional Celtic tunes and modern songs.

Their music is described as “a fresh fusion of traditional Irish music alongside contemporary songcraft”.

Celtic Woman’s lineup continues to change over the years but the unique, signature sound remains intact.

Despite the changes, the group continues to beautifully represent Irish music and culture.

A description on the official website states,

“Celtic Woman celebrates Ireland’s rich musical and cultural heritage while continuing its legacy of introducing some of Ireland’s most talented singers and musicians onto the world stage.”

The performing skills of each member definitely bring to life centuries of musical and cultural tradition.

Showcasing individual and collaborative talent, Celtic Woman is known for their angelic voices and the mesmerizing accompaniment consisting of dancers, bagpipers, and a full band playing traditional Celtic instruments such as the bodhran, tin whistle, bouzouki, and Uilleann pipes.

To give you a glimpse of how outstanding their concerts are, here’s their showstopping performance of “Amazing Grace.”

The 2009 concert where they sang the classic worship song really set the bar high for stage acts.

As always, theirs was a full production complete with an impressive stage setup, stunning dresses, dramatic lighting, and a band that highlighted their powerful vocals and set the performance off perfectly.

As a powerful Christian hymn sung in churches and religious services, “Amazing Grace” speaks of the forgiveness and redemption of souls made possible through the mercy of God.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound

that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now am found.

Was blind but now I see.”

It isn’t an ordinary song that anyone can just cover and perform.

Celtic Woman preserved the wonderful message of the song with a beautiful and solemn performance.

Despite the grand stage set-up, the group kept the focus on the song and sung with apparent reverence.

The comforting message of the touching hymn was brought to life by the resonant sound of angelic voices and harmonious instruments that filled the room.

Add to that the dramatic effect brought about by the smoke and lighting.

Celtic Woman has gained considerable attention worldwide because of their incredible talent, visually stunning concerts, and the extraordinary way they represent Irish culture.

With over 72 million views on YouTube, the rendition of the classic Christian hymn had viewers commenting on how it never fails to touch hearts and inspire.

“I can’t stop listen this song, it’s amazing and The Celtic Women glorify God with their voices.”

“Simply speechless… that has to be one of the most beautiful, powerful, and emotional versions ever sung.

It’s a special song, means so much to many people, myself included. Thank you, Celtic Woman.”

Watch the mesmerizing performance of Celtic Woman below.

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