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Cheerleaders line up for illusion routine that mesmerizes crowd

The dance team from Eastview High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota has earned its fair share of awards over the years.

In 2018, they entered the MSHSL High Kick Tournament where they once again gave a showstopping performance.

Not only did Eastview dazzle the audience and judges, but footage of their routine has the internet awestruck too!

Get ready for an extraordinary high kick dance performance.

With everything going on in the world today, we’re not getting out to attend events like usual.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some good entertainment from home!

In the video, all the dancers are dressed in pink costumes adorned with sparkles. Once the music begins, they take off like lightning.

The dance team is made up of 28 ladies with unbelievable skills.

Each dancer beautifully shines on her own – but it’s what happens when they perform together that creates a mesmerizing act.

Prepare to be glued to your computer or phone screen. It’s over two-and-a-half minutes of pure energy, synchronization, and jaw-dropping talent.

So, how good are these high kickers?

When a lot of us think of high-kicking dancers we picture The Radio City Rockettes.

According to their website, those ladies can perform up to 650 eye-high kicks in one day!

Eastview High School’s dance team has the crowd going wild with their impressive kicks.

(One can only imagine how much practice it would take to master such a skill.)

Watching all their legs move together is like an optical illusion – and yes, these dancers are really good!

One YouTube user commented:

“You guys are as good as competitive studio dancers!!”

Another wrote:

“It’s crazy how synchronized they are!!!😱”

The routine is captivating from beginning to end.

Whether you can dance, or you don’t have a dancing bone in your body – it’s easy to tell when a performance is deserving of an award.

Eastview High’s dance team surely had other schools shaking in their boots at the state competition.

As mentioned before, the team’s no stranger to taking home titles.

With a quick scroll on the school’s Facebook page, you can get a glimpse of some of their achievements.

Congratulations Eastview Lightning Dance Team: 2016-17 South Suburban Conference Champions – 15 Years in a Row!!

Best wishes for continued success! LTD… LTD… LTD!

Posted by Eastview High School on Monday, December 19, 2016

The dedication can be seen in their magnificent performance.

In order to perform such a coordinated and flawless routine, a great deal of hard work and commitment would’ve had to come from each dancer.

It’s quite clear how much effort these teens put in as the dance unfolds.

At one point, the dancers spread across the entire floor of the arena…

The crowd goes nuts as they then start to kick! It’s a very incredible sight to watch 28 high-kicking dancers in a row. One viewer wrote:

“Really love this dance!! And the screaming notes people hit when they kick in the one big straight line and then end the routine. I love it 😂🙌”

Regardless of awards, it’s a dance performance you don’t want to miss. But still, did Eastview become the 2018 high kick champions?

One viewer crossed their fingers…

“Best routine I’ve seen. I hope they got first! ❤️️”

According to the Star Tribune, they did indeed win, taking home the Class 3A State Title. Bravo, ladies!

You can watch Eastview’s award-winning performance for yourself below!

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