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Cheerleaders Surround Girl From Rival Team. Their Actions Caught On Film Leave Internet In Disbelief

Being in high school isn’t always easy. Even popular cheerleaders sometimes find that they’re not so well-liked, especially when they’re competing against a rival squad from another school.

All Tori Adams wanted to do was cheer for Northwestern High School’s basketball team.

But, when the cheerleaders from Hardin-Central started to crowd around her on the sidelines, the poor girl didn’t know if she should run or cry!

Making the cheer squad may seem like a dream come true for many girls, but sometimes your teammates don’t always have your back.

Tori felt awkward when she was the only cheerleader from her school who showed up to support the Northwestern Eagles at the CLAA Conference Tournament in Missouri.

In this video clip, we can see that Tori, who is dressed in a blue outfit, is surrounded by a group of total strangers.

But, instead of converging on the lone cheerleader like hungry wolves, they were about to to invite her into their pack!

In an unbelievable turn of events, the entire Northwestern cheer squad came down with an illness, with the exception of Tori. It was quite a dilemma, but the young lady felt that someone needed to be there to represent her school. She told told FOX4 News:

“My coach gave me the option to cheer or not cheer, and I felt like I had to be there for the team.”

As you can imagine, Tori was nervous, intimidated and slightly uncomfortable doing all the cheering by herself. That’s when the girls from Hardin-Central approached her with a unique proposition.

Brenda Milligan, who has a daughter that cheers for Hardin-Central, filmed the entire scene as it unfolded. She said that Tori:

“…was embarrassed and scared, just like any of us would be if we had to cheer in front of a big crowd all alone. My daughter and her squad took the nerve and went out to cheer with her.”

It only took a short amount of time for the girl’s to learn their rival squad’s key cheers and moves. Then they stole the show as they banded together and cheered for both high schools!

A cheerleader’s main role is to raise everyone’s spirits. Not only were all the fans sitting in the bleachers filled with glee, but the friendly rivals put aside their differences long enough to inspire kindness in one another. Now, that’s a crowning achievement we can all cheer about!

Watch this video to find out more about this cheer-ful story.

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