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Chicken adopts puppies after mother abandons them

It’s one of those moments that just dumbfounds you.

Nature always holds surprises for us humans if we only took the time to notice.

It only follows that a mother dog would care for its pups and a mother chicken would care for its young.

But what if the mother dog doesn’t want its puppies? As sad as that sounds, it does happen in the animal kingdom.

Even other species have been known to abandon their young. Reasons vary.

This astonishing scenario happened in Vale do Paraíso, Brazil.

A Brazilian man narrates in his native tongue that in his farm, he saw this chicken caring for the puppies as if they were her own. they obviously look nothing alike, but the man says the chicken and puppies sleep together.

And like any mom, the chicken is protective.

Our Brazilian narrator says that she doesn’t like to be approached when the puppies are with her.

“Look, what a beautiful thing. Only nature could do this. Look how beautiful.”

He says in his language.

Look closely. That puppy is sleeping with its head on the chicken’s wing!

It’s not clear as to how this happened or why the puppies’ mom is nowhere to be found. We’re just glad the chicken adopted these fur babies.

This would make for a good nursery rhyme or children’s story book.

It only goes to show that animals really do have beautiful hearts. Some moms just don’t have that maternal instinct, while some have an abundance of it. And that goes beyond their own kind.

The man says something very intriguing,

“Their real mother isn’t interested in them. She knows the chicken is taking care of them.”

A bit vague but still strange.

Studies do indicate that mothers can and will abandon their puppies for a number of reasons.

Puppy health is one. If she feels like her young are weak or unhealthy, she will leave them. Sad but true.

Another reason is the mother’s health. If she knows there’s something wrong with her, she will not care for her puppies.

Then there’s that weird trait of a dog just not having that maternal instinct.

This chicken though. She really took it upon herself to watch over the pups.

She won’t have anyone come near them and even opens a wing to shelter one of the pups. And those pups are super cute!

Whatever the case, it made for such a unique set up.

This happened in November of 2020. A year that proved difficult for so many people around the world.

And yet this simple act of love by a mother chicken shows us that when it seems impossible, there is always hope and love.

So if you suddenly lost your appetite for fried chicken, buffalo wings, and eggs, we don’t blame you.

Save the chickens and let them care for abandoned puppies!

Check out this unique relationship between this hen and the pups in the sweet video below!

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