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Children start program with hands on hips but bring laughter when they start to shake

Christmas is a time of joy and laughter.

It is the season for love and good cheer. There’s also something magical about children and Christmas.

After all, the holiday does celebrate the birth of Jesus! So kids it is!

Schools and other organizations love to have kids perform during the holidays.

Parents fill in the seats with phones ready to record their little ones rock that stage.

St. Elizabeth Child Care in Jersey City, NJ did the same but it wasn’t a play or a sing along.

The kids are led out to stage by nuns and their leader.

Dressed all in green from head to toe, the kids look adorable, like little elves that were out to entertain Santa’s clients. How old are these guys?

You can see the excitement on those little faces.

The place is buzzing with excitement and the kids look out at the audience looking for mom and dad. Some even wave to mom and dad!

Then without warning, “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” starts playing to which the kids start shaking their hips with their hands fixed to their tiny waists.

It’s super cute and super funny!

Here you see the different personalities of each kid.

The ones in the middle are the extra enthusiastic ones, throwing their whole body from left ot right and back while the others were more reserved, with some barely moving.

Betty Houk commented,

“Human beings at this age are so darn cute and lovable ,to bad we can’t stay this sweet and innocent .They make my old heart sing with joy and happiness they are the best of us 💕”

Don’t grow up too fast!

There’s a reason for those kids in their places.

The stars got the spotlight. So the question is, which one of them has a future on stage? Theater calls!

Moms and dads were loving every single moment though. Listen to them chuckle.

Maybe some of the kids could feel the audience laughing, hence, them not dancing as hard as they should have been. Or stage fright maybe?

Another viewer commented,

“I like the middle girl in the front it’s so cute and she know how to do it and she’s singing too.”

Giving it everything she’s got!

This is the holiday spirit that adults so sorely need. There’s so much weight on our shoulders we forget to just let loose and enjoy the holidays.

Just like the song says,

“You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear
Voices singing, let’s be jolly
Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

No one’s stopping you from dancing. Don’t forget that mistletoe!

The song is 65 years old and these kids must be around 4 or something.

But then Christmas transcends all aspects of life.

All it cares about is bringing joy and laughter in homes. The same joy and laughter these kids brought to the stage.

Let these kids brighten up your holidays! Dance with them in the video below!

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