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Children Throw Rocks at His 7-Year-Old Son. Dad Fires Back With Post That Goes Viral

Anyone who knows Dan Bezzant knows that he loves his children more than anything else! He likes to teach them about the great outdoors, lets them roam free and encourages them when they need it the most.

So when Dan found out his son 7-year-old son Jackson was being bullied in school, his heart broke. Now Dan is reaching out to the world in hopes that Jackson’s story can stop other children from being picked on ruthlessly!


Jackson was diagnosed with Treacher Collins syndrome when he was an infant and has been through more than most adults could even imagine. He’s endured painful surgeries, a lack of self confidence and school bullies picking on him endlessly.

But when Dan found out other children started to throw rocks at his son, he knew the torture had to end. Dan took to Facebook to share his message and beg other parents to teach their children how to act with kindness.

He wrote:

“My heart is in pieces right now… my soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest. This beautiful young man, my son Jackson, has to endure a constant barrage of derogatory comments and ignorance like I’ve never witnessed.

He is called ugly and freak and monster on a daily basis by his peers at school.

He talks about suicide… he’s not quite 8!”

Facebook/Dan Bezzant

“He says he has no friends and everyone hates him. Kids throw rocks at him and push him shouting these horrific words…

Please, please take a minute and imagine if this were your child.

Take a minute to educate your children about special needs.

Talk to them about compassion and love for our fellow man. His condition is called Treacher Collins. Maybe even look it up.

He’s endured horrific surgery and has several more in the coming years.

Anyway. I could go on. But please educate your children.

Please share this. This shouldn’t be happening to anyone.”

Every time Jackson comes home from school, beaten down and frustrated, Dan’s heart breaks. This life of abuse and bullying is not what he wanted for his child but it’s what they’re forced to deal with.

Jackson is a bright boy with a heart of gold – Dan just wishes everyone of his classmates could see that.


In the days since posting, Dan’s message has been shared more than 58,000 times and liked by 59,000 users. It’s clear people are listening to his plea and are hopefully teaching their children how to behave when they see someone who’s a little different from themselves. As Dan said, no one deserves to be treated like that….

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