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Circus Lions Get Rescued And Step On Grass For The First Time

Everyone deserves a second chance in life, even lions!

A Form Of Entertainment

We are used to seeing circus animals perform tricks, but we are not aware of the sad truth behind the animals’ antics during shows.

A Sad Reality

A circus in Guatemala got noticed by the Animal Defenders Incorporated (ADI), and things started to go down when the rescuers found out about the violence the animals experience during training.

Meet Tarzan And Tanya

The two lions, Tarzan and Tanya, were rescued by ADI. They share an unbreakable bond.

The lions were brought to a temporary shelter where they were given time and attention to recover and heal before they could be sent to their permanent home.

The rescuers gave extra care to Tarzan’s lower lip that was hanging. It was probably due to him fighting one of the tigers. In just a few weeks, the lions were ready to fly to their new place.

When the lions got better, ADI flew them to a sanctuary in South Africa where they can freely live without fearing for their lives.

Tarzan and Tanya can now run on a huge grassland – an experience they haven’t had since birth.

People on the internet who’ve watched the rescued lions’ story hope nothing but for all animals who are in the same situation to get the same rescuing the two lions were given.

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