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Circus Lions Held In Captivity Touch Grass For The First Time

Can you imagine a world where every animal lives free from captivity?

Jan Creamer founded Animal Defenders International (ADI) in Los Angeles, California in 1990.

Their campaign Stop Circus Suffering aims to protect and rescue circus animals.

Tarzan and Tanya were locked in a cage for eight years, having been born in captivity in Guatemala.

They faced much trauma as circus lions, yet their strong bond was undeniable.

When ADI arrived to free the circus lions, Tarzan was in bad shape with a tooth injury from a tiger attack.

Tarzan was hesitant to take his first steps on the grass in South America, but Tanya was there to support him along the way.

Once Tarzan’s tooth was healed, he enjoyed chewing on tires and playing in the grass with Tanya.

Their personalities really began to shine through.

Tarzan and Tanya now reside at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

They can finally enjoy the lives they’ve always deserved together.

People on the internet agree that it’s time the world bans the use of animals in circuses.

Watch the heartwarming story of Tarzan and Tanya touching grass for the first time in the video below.

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