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Circus monkey cries out in joy when he’s reunited with the man who cared for him

Animals can form a strong attachment to humans – and we’re not just talking about pets like dogs or cats.

Animals depend on people to feel loved, secure, and happy.

Of course, a monkey is not the first furry friend that comes to mind when talking about that sort of bond.

Then again, one circus capuchin and a man called Miro became such good friends that the monkey cried with joy when he saw Miro after a year-long separation.

Miro applied to volunteer at the facility where the circus was staying, and the rest is history.

Be patient – we’ll tell you the rest of the story.

It would be a shame to pass on such an adorable friendship that wasn’t at all affected by the distance.

The circus came to Miro’s town, and Miro spent a lot of time with the monkey.

A lot of treats were given to the lucky monkey that year.

It is a traveling, seasonal show, and the monkey’s owner is a great circus artist who proudly performs several different animal acts.

A friendship between Miro and the 14-year-old monkey blossomed right away.

Miro brought bananas, raisins, and sweets to the little monkey, and they got used to each other.

They even started loving each other. Unfortunately, however, they had to part ways when the circus left town.

Miro was torn between the hope to see the monkey again, and the doubt that he would even recognize him.

Those were the options Miro was irresolute about. In the end, he decided to apply to volunteer again.

A year had passed since he’d seen his monkey friend.

If the circus came back to town, working at the same facility would be a step closer to seeing each other again.

We must admit, Miro was smart about the situation. No risk, no gain.

Not only did the monkey remember Miro, but he also joyfully jumped around when he saw him.

The video of their sweet reunion was filmed and uploaded on YouTube.

More than 3 million people have seen the monkey’s happiness as he spotted his old friend.

If he wasn’t on a leash, we’re pretty sure the monkey would have jumped right into Miro’s arms.

But he could only wait until his human friend approached the pen he was in. Then the monkey goes all-out.

The man took the monkey in his arms, and the monkey immediately wrapped his tail around Miro.

Remember that “Friends” episode when Ross was reunited with his monkey Marcel? Well, this reunion was equally emotional.

The monkey couldn’t get enough of cuddling

The little animal did everything to signal that he wanted a big cuddle sesh.

Miro pet his head once then had to do it again and again when the monkey wouldn’t let him go.

This is such a cool display of love and affection, shown towards someone who treated the monkey well.

If anyone ever says that good behavior towards animals isn’t rewarding – just show them this video.

It might explain a thing or two about the strength of human-animal relationships.

Are they taking good care of the little fellow?!

Because the monkey had a chain around his neck, many people worried that he wasn’t being properly taken care of.

The owner, however, says that everyone loves the monkey and that he’s in good hands.

We agree that animals should never be abused for entertainment or profit.

On the other hand, to be completely fair, the Instagram profile dedicated to the little monkey shows a happy capuchin who seems to enjoy his time clowning around.

We hope this friendship will continue for years to come.

Watch the video below!

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