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Cop Walks Up Behind Dancing Coworkers, Now Watch How Quickly He Steals The Spotlight

A lonely wallet lying forgotten and abandoned on the cold concrete floor of a parking ramp jump started the craziest string of events that followed.

A police car zooms past the wallet in the parking ramp and abruptly halts. Two officers hop out and sprint over to the wallet.

Music suddenly starts playing as they pick up and check out the wallet. It’s the strangest turn of events!

All of a sudden, the two men who are police officers in New Zealand, bust out dancing! They break into the running man, totally jamming away to the hip hop song.

Then other officers emerge from behind parked cars in the ramp and join in on the craziness. They all dance together, executing the running man dance move.

There is some suspicious activity in the background and emerging from the back is an officer who suddenly steals the show!

Apparently, this group of officers had issued what they call a musical challenge, specifically the running man challenge, which gained international acclaim.

It was a dance-off drawing in officers from Australia, the United Kingdom, New York and Los Angeles. People around the world have fallen in love with their hilarious antics and musical inclinations.

These officers have some seriously impressive moves! While they were sworn to protect and serve, they ended up stealing hearts and gaining fans globally.

Watch for yourself and see how awesome these men and women in blue are not just as defenders of the law, but dancing machines.

These officers sure know a thing or two about letting loose! They will surely bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Get ready to laugh and press play on the video below!

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