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Couple adopts neighbor’s 3 kids after she passes and community steps up in a big way

“I didn’t do anything too special. I did what anyone in my shoes would have done.”

Tisha Beauchmin is a Las Vegas bingo cashier with 5 kids.

She wasn’t expecting her neighbor Audrey to come knocking on her door one day, asking Tisha to watch over her 3 kids.

Tisha and her husband Kevin barely knew Audrey but they couldn’t say “no” either.

Audrey was a single mom of 3. She balanced 2 jobs to support her kids and gave them everything she could as any mother would have.

When she was diagnosed with stage 2 esophageal and stomach cancer, she knew she had to find someone to care for her kids.

That’s where Tish Beauchmin came in. Tish grew up in an orphanage herself, and she wasn’t about to let Audrey’s kids go someplace else.

The Beauchmin family of 7 quickly became a family of 10.

Tisha and Kevin didn’t have a lot of space in their home.

But even with 5 children of their own, they agreed to watch over Audrey’s children.

The crushing news of Audrey’s cancer had Tisha and Kevin thinking of her kids.

Unfortunately, Audrey’s cancer progressed rapidly, and in a matter of weeks progressed to stage 4.

Audrey thought she had a year to live, but shortly after her diagnosis, the cancer spread.

Audrey passed away soon after.

There were now 10 people living together inside a small home.

The Beauchmin’s living quarters were too cramped having some of the children sleeping on recliners in the living room. Makeshift beds were placed wherever there was space.

Tisha and Kevin knew that until the children had real bedrooms, the adoption of the kids wouldn’t be approved.

One of their neighbors, Elizabeth Thames, knew about the family’s living conditions.

Thames knew something had to be done.

She didn’t have the means to help but Elizabeth sent a letter to Fox5’s Surprise Squad.

The story of how the 2 families came to live together moved the Surprise Squad. A visit was in order.

The team went to work, completely remodeling the home with the help of many other partners in the community.

All in all, six weeks’ worth of remodeling was finished in just four days.

The Beauchmins were set up to stay at the casino the whole time their house was being renovated.

Their home was completely transformed inside and out, with the children now having their own bedroom space that they desperately needed.

Tisha’s oldest son Chad was also given $1500 so he could get his own apartment. something he’d been struggling with.

Add to that a year’s worth of free groceries with a brand new vehicle and the family was all set.

“It’s just really overwhelming that someone would do this for me and for my family,” Tisha said. “I didn’t do anything too special. I did what anyone in my shoes would have done.”

You know who else is happy? Audrey.

What Tisha and Kevin did moved so many people that an entire community came together to make their lives work out for the better.

It’s amazing what selflessness and lots of love can do to people.

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