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Couple dishes all the attitude with high energy dance

Swing Dancing was formed in the early 20th century and has many different styles.

One of those unique dances that are associated with swinging is the “Jitterbug.”

Popularized in the United States, the spunky dance spread internationally during World War II and has been captivating audiences ever since.

These 2 dancers at the National Jitterbug Championships, leave it all on the table with a brilliant performance.

This is sure to get you out of your seat and onto your feet!

At the National Jitterbug Championships, Chandrea Gomez and Stephen Sayer lit up the stage with a spectacular routine.

At the beginning of the video, the dancing duo starts rapidly shaking their entire bodies before doing a plethora of choreographed moves that embody the ‘Jitterbug’ style.

Both dancers maintain a huge smile, all while breaking out some mesmerizing dance moves.

Right on cue, Gomez and Sayer flawlessly mimic each other’s movements in amazing fashion.

After doing some solo dance moves, the two dancers begin dancing together in an action-packed display.

Sayer throws Gomez into a spin, right before she showcases her flexibility with back to back splits.

They use their momentum to carry them into the next move, jumping, spinning and vibrating their bodies.

The jittery footwork in the routine is incredible, matching each other’s steps the whole time.

When the dancers start walking backward while shaking their shoulders, the crowd can’t help but go wild.

There’s no stopping these two, they swing at high velocities and somehow manage to stay right on point.

Then they pivot on one foot while rotating in slow motion prompting the onlookers to let out audible cheers.

That’s when the dancing duo links hands while both spinning twice, followed by another stylish spin that’s smooth as butter.

Everything about this routine is phenomenal, from the quick spins to the jolty moves.

This is ‘Jitterbug’ down to a tee, it’s hard to believe they got 5th place in the open showcase, I’d like to see what the 1st place performance looks like.

Throughout the whole routine, Gomez and Sayer vibe of off the electric energy and set the stage on fire.

Toward the end of the show, they go back to back while flailing their arms in unison.

It doesn’t stop there, the dancers begin throwing their heads back and thrusting their arms into an upward motion.

People on YouTube went crazy for the sensational duo, swing dance lovers’ everywhere flocked to watch it.

Over 285k viewed the outstanding routine on YouTube, with almost 2k hitting the like button.

Both dancers did a fantastic job, they end it by sliding onto their knees then pop up to their feet for one last spin.

No wonder so many people watched the video on YouTube, I had to watch it twice.

These are true ‘Jitterbug’ experts, there’s not a moment of hesitation from the professional dancers.’ People from the ’30s and ’40s would be proud of this swing dancing team, they left it all on the line in the epic performance.

To see the stunning duo in action, watch the video below!

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