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Couple saves hundreds of senior dogs and provides them the best sunset years

Everyone who walks into an animal rescue or animal shelter thinks the same thing “I wish I could adopt them all!” But unfortunately, most of us can’t have a house full of dogs, so that’s where people like Chris and Mariesa Hughes come in.

The couple adopted a senior dog named Moses from their local shelter and found themselves wanting to do more for the animals there.

They started giving care packages to all the senior dogs, but they couldn’t stand by and watch these dogs never leave the shelter.

What they came up with is called the Mr. Mo project, named after the first lucky pup to go home with the family.

Moses the senior dog had sort of overstayed his welcome at the shelter, and desperately needed a place to go.

Moses had a spinal cord tumor and some other health issues, so they gave the couple four weeks with him.

Unfortunately, Moses passed away, but it got the couple thinking about all the senior dogs that come into shelters and their hearts went out to them too.

Chris and Mariesa decided to take action and do something about it.

It’s no secret that senior dogs aren’t the most popular pets at the shelter.

A lot of families looking to adopt want healthy, young pets, to spend years with. Senior dogs can have a lot of baggage that some pet owners don’t want to deal with.

Speaking of their endeavor, Chris said:

“I think what people have noticed with us and what shelters have noticed with us, is we take dogs that other people won’t take.”

Whether it be based on looks or possible medical bills, senior dogs aren’t typically what people are looking for.

Here’s how it’s going.

What started as a project to help out at their local shelter, quickly turned into a lifestyle for this couple.

Over the course of six years, they have saved more than 500 dogs and branched out from their local shelter.

In a video by The Dodo, Mariesa said:

“We have fosters and dogs from New York to California and one in Canada.”

That’s a huge difference from humble local rescue beginnings. No matter where the dogs are from, or where they are, everyone loves them.

Chris and Mariesa get the cash to pay for surgery, food, and medical bills through donations.

There have been a few times where they have had to dip into their own accounts to cover costs, but to them, it’s all worth it. Seeing a happy dog makes all the sacrifice worth it.

The couple’s ultimate goal and motto is ‘Best for the Rest’.

This motto means that until these dogs’ last days, they are going to give them the best life they possibly can.

Based on the videos and photos from their Instagram, they’re pretty good at what they do, and hopefully, they can inspire others to adopt, not shop for their next family pet.

Watch the video below to see more on this heartwarming story!

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