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Couple sees freezing stray dog in the snow and vow to save him

Winters in Bulgaria can be bitterly cold, and the mountainous areas experience a lot of snowfall.

As a small country, there are many stray animals in Bulgaria who have no hope of being taken in and rescued.

When the weather outside is so cold, they hardly stand a chance.

Something has to be done about this.

Stoyan and Dessy are two Bulgarian locals with the dream of building a shelter to look after the many stray animals in their country.

Although their dream hasn’t become a reality yet, the couple has taken in four rescued cats and have been feeding the strays in their local area for years.

Although they normally rescue cats, when the couple came across a stray dog who would have frozen to death if he had stayed out in the cold, they didn’t think twice about taking him home with them.

Stoyan first came across the dog when she was out shopping for groceries.

He was so cold that he was visibly shaking, and it was taking all of his energy to limp down the snow-covered road.

Stoyan immediately called Dessy, and the two set to work trying to rescue the dog.

He was friendly, though a little nervous around his two rescuers.

When Stoyan wrapped the pup in a blanket and tried to lift him, he gave a yelp of pain. It seemed that one of his back legs was injured.

The couple eventually managed to tuck the dog safely into the blanket, and they then turned to head home.

Since the snow was so bad cars were unable to drive, meaning they had to walk back with their new addition.

The vets were also closed, so Stoyan and Dessy were left with the responsibility of keeping the dog safe and well until the next day.

As soon as they arrived home, Stoyan set to work on warming the dog up, using a hairdryer and a portable heater.

He was still shaking from the cold once he was dry, so the couple wrapped him in some blankets and let him sleep for a while.

When the dog woke up, he had food on his mind – and although he wasn’t too keen on the immune stimulant that Stoyan tried to feed him, he eagerly wolfed down some sausages that were offered.

Over time, the dog began to relax, and soon he was comfortable exploring around the couple’s house.

But when it was time to go outside to do his business, he seemed hesitant.

He had bad memories of being out in the cold, and he didn’t want to end up back out there again.

But with some gentle persuasion (in the form of more sausages), the dog eventually went outside and even became brave enough to have a sniff around the garden.

It turned out that the dog had been abused by his previous owners, which explained his injuries and his nervousness.

Thanks to Stoyan and Dessy, the dog went onto make a full recovery, and he is now being adopted by “a very good woman” who will love and care for him.

We’re so glad that this dog got his happy ending. If it hadn’t have been for the selfless couple, he wouldn’t have made it through the winter.

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