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Couple’s steamy acrobatic dance heats up floor

When you attend a dance performance it can be a dazzling experience.

But there are some acts so extraordinary, they can make your jaw drop simply by watching from a computer screen.

Ukrainian duo Valeriy and Yulia have the ability to leave audiences at the edge of their seats.

A video of one of their stunning acrobatic performances has been circulating the internet, and as of now, it’s racked up over 9.8 million views!

You might want to grab a bowl of popcorn because this is quite the show.

From the beginning, it’s impossible to look away.

Valeriy and Yulia’s routine is set to Nneka’s tune “Heartbeat” – and let’s just say it has a bit of a steamy twist.

Some of their movements are passionate as if they’re lovers, so the crowd might have been wondering if the heat had gotten turned up. Nope, it was just them!

It doesn’t take long for their unique talents to emerge.

In addition to being beautiful, graceful dancers – Valeriy and Yulia are both trained in acrobatics as well.

By working together, Valeriy appears to move and “toss” his partner around like she’s weightless.

Everyone cheers when Valeriy flips Yulia into the air for a trick. But it was about to go to another level.

The duo specializes in hand to hand acrobatics, which is an act most people don’t regularly witness (or ever have).

It calls for an unbelievable amount of strength, balance, and flexibility.

From what it seems there would be a lot of work involved to master the skill.

In the video, Valeriy hoists Yulia up and she goes into an upside-down position.

They stay that way, connected only by their hands!

If that isn’t impressive enough, they then let go of their left hands.

Yulia remains high in the air like a circus performer – and it’s all with the use of just one hand each.

Surely bravery and trust are also on the list of what’s required to be a hand to hand acrobat.

The crowd was given a show and a half.

Valeriy and Yulia’s routine is the perfect blend of excitement and beauty.

Their techniques are mesmerizing to watch from a screen – so one can only imagine seeing them in person!

At one point, they have everyone going wild with a move captured in the photo below.

It’s hard to fathom being able to do something like this…

One viewer was so blown away by the video (which was uploaded onto Maxima Artistic Agency’s YouTube channel) that she commented:

“I just watched that with a gaping mouth and every emotion going off inside me, one after the other, like fireworks!

By the time it was over my heart was pounding in my chest to the exact beat of the music.

Crazy AWESOME! Wow, waiting to exhale!”

If you’re like some viewers, it’s a breathtaking performance you’ll have to watch more than once.

A person wrote:

“The most utterly beautiful thing i have ever seen, ive no idea how many times i’ve watched it now, it never gets old and it always moves me. :’) utterly beautiful, the only words to describe it. xxxx”

Valeriy and Yulia’s routine is over four minutes of artistic movements and thrills, and if you haven’t seen it before – prepare to be amazed. Another viewer reacted:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Mind Blown.”

Press play on the video below to see the Ukrainian duo’s acrobatic/dance performance for yourself!

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