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Cowboy starts to do the ‘Git Up’ challenge, but his horse steals the show

Cowboys and their horses seem to have an inseparable bond.

They spend a lot of time together and so pick up on each other’s idiosyncrasies. So, when cowboy Olli Arnemann trained his horse to dance to the hit “The Git Up, “ by Blanco Brown, you just know he had to know his horse very well.

The “Git Up” challenge

“The Git Up” has spawned an internet sensation in the form of the “Git Up” challenge.

In the challenge, dancers try to perform the dances well-choreographed routine, as laid out by singer Brown.

This has led to some very good, and often hilarious, performances by people across the country, including police officers, news anchors, and TikTok users everywhere, among others.

A unique performance

So, when Arnemann decided to perform the challenge, he put his own spin on the dance sensation.

Instead of doing the dance moves, the cowboy trained his horse to dance along to the song, under his guidance, of course.

In the video of the duo’s performance, Arnemann guides his horse through the various moves, making sure that the horse’s timing is just right through various hand signals.

Inspiration for the challenge

The dance moves are from Brown’s accompanying video to his hit song, which serves as a tutorial for those seeking to learn the moves for themselves.

The whole challenge has inspired thousands to take it up, just like Arnemann and his loyal steed.

The lyrics to the song explain the dance simply enough. All you have to do is follow along.

“Gon’ and do the 2 step, then cowboy boogie Grab your sweetheart and spin out with ’em Do the hoedown and get into it (whoo, whoo, whoo) Take it to the left now and dip with it Gon’ throw down, take a sip with it Now lean back put your hips in it”

Showing their skill together

Arnemann and his horse give a masterful performance of the dance as he commands his horse to walk back and forth in rhythm to the lyrics of the song.

Arnemann performs a few steps himself at the beginning, probably to help loosen his partner up for what is to come.

You can see the trust between the two as the bond they share is evident.

And the horse seems to be excited about dancing, but Arnemann is there to reign him in to make sure he performs it to perfection.

The highlight of the video is when the lyrics call for the dancer to put their hand on their side.

Of course, the horse simply raises his hoof for this part, but watchers of the video go the idea.

The two’s performance makes for one of the more unique versions of the “Git Up” out there.

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