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Crowd cheers nonstop when high school principal joins step team for epic routine

Most days, students dread going to school. Unless of course, it’s Spirit Week!

Spirit Week is a week full of activities and festivities for the entire student body!

Each day students get to participate in something new.

Whether it’s themed-outfits or crazy hair, this is when students get to flex their creativity.

But some of the most memorable moments happen on Friday at the pep rally.

Students get all of the energy they need for that night’s game from their peers. There are performances and sometimes even guest speakers.

After all, it is the pep rally! This is the time to go all out.

That’s exactly what the principal at Lake Mary High School in Seminole County, Florida did.

Dr. Reynolds decided to showcase her dancing and stepping skills with the students of the Unity Revolution STEP team.

Reynolds graduated from the school in 1986 where she also participated in dance.

However, her history with the school doesn’t end there, her father was the first principal of the school as well.

Talk about following in a parent’s footsteps.

Reynolds approached the team’s coach, Kelly Lupis, ahead of the pep rally with the idea of performing with the team.

After all, she had some experience. She coached two step teams before.

Lupis thought it was a great idea but when Reynolds arrived for rehearsal, it was apparent that she wouldn’t just be popping in and out to bust a move or two, they wanted her to become a part of the routine.

“I wasn’t thinking they’d have me doing half the darn routine,” she shared with ABC News.

But we’re sure she’s glad that she did! Not only did the team win that night, but the students loved it.

In fact, the jam-packed gym went bananas over it. Rapturous roars, screams, and applause filled the space when she began to stomp and dance.

The video was an instant viral hit. It soared on Facebook and YouTube.

On the latter platform, it has over 3 million views. Judging by the comments, viewers loved the performance just as much as the students.

“This is how to show an entire school love. Put yourself out there, make yourself vulnerable and show how much you care about your students.”

“My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard 😁 This made my day!”

“Omg—this is so LIT! This principal really loves her students! Great example of a TRUE leader! Much respect!!!”

Not only were there students in the audience but there were plenty of parents in attendance as well for the night’s pep rally. They too felt the excitement of the students.

“When she walked out onto the floor, you could literally feel the oxygen leave the room,” parent, Becky Godwin told ABC News. “It was just the most amazing decibel of noise I’ve ever heard and I’ve been to every pep rally. I’ve never heard the students lose their minds like this.”

Stepping has been around for years but has recently become more prevalent in the mainstream.

Stepping is derived from black Greek organizations who would gather for songs to celebrate initiations. Eventually, dance and step were introduced into these events and became the stepping that we see today.

You can watch Dr. Reynolds bust some impressive dance moves with her students in the video below! It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss!

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