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Crowd gathers for officer singing ‘O Holy Night’

Walk around during the holidays and you’ll hear Christmas songs everywhere.

In shops, cafes, and even cars, the place is filled with cheer. Kids like to go around in groups, singing their hearts out hoping for some Christmas treats from strangers.

It’s the season for cheer and giving. And everyone is in a festive mood. Even our dashing men and women in uniform.

Officer Jeremy Turner took to the streets and stunned locals with his voice.

It was a winter wonderland in Portland, Maine when the man in uniform began singing “O Holy Night” during his patrolling duties.

Officer Turner gave no one notices or warrants but he served them a fantastic piece of singing that night.

To serve and protect.

But what’s wrong with having a little fun on the job? And besides, it’s Christmas!

Look how beautiful those lights on the trees are and how stunning the snow looks. Spread the cheer!

He was in the Old Port, patrolling on foot when his partner dared him to sing.

Officer Turner says,

“I feel embarrassed when I start and I feel embarrassed when I end, during the middle I’m just kind of in there singing and don’t really think about it too much.”

He went ahead and did it though.

He adds,

“It’s one of my parents’ favorite Christmas songs, I’ve been singing it for years, and it’s just been kind of my go to and first one that came to mind.”

That’s such a beautiful sentiment. Great song choice too!

This cop is a music major who joined the force. The badge and the uniform can be removed but the singer inside is forever.

A crowd gathered around but Turner did not stop. He’s not one to shy away.

“I don’t think he thought that I’d actually do it, so we went there and I went for it, and people just started gathering around, and so I kept going.”

He said.

And everyone’s glad he did. Let’s face it. Cops do intimidate people.

Relaxed shoppers, random strangers walking, tend to tense up and stay alert when cops are in the area.

Even though they haven’t done anything illegal. Human nature.

This is one way to disarm them and break the tension.

It shows that cops are still human and very much love the holidays.

Now when a man in uniform goes out of his way to serenade the people, the act will really go viral.

Everyone loves Christmas and people from all walks of life put aside their differences and just spread love and goodness on that day.

And its after effects are felt the rest of the coming year.

It caught the people by surprise. And surely it was a welcome one. But to Portland Police Chief, Michael Sauschuck, this is who Turner really is.

A man full of joy, and full of laughter. That’s the spirit of Christmas!

Sing along with Jeremy!

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angels’ voices”

You know the song! No one is stopping you from going out there and singing your favorite Christmas carols either!

Watch and listen to Santa’s favorite cop below!

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