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Crowd Waits For Show To Start When Flashmob Breaks Into Chilling Cover Of “Sound Of Silence”

When it comes to putting on a fabulous show, there has to be a layer of “je ne sais quois” involved.

It’s that stage presence and unplanned aspect to the performance that really engages the crowd.

A show is meant to have an element of surprise so when something doesn’t go as planned but is still delightful, then I say that’s a job well done.

As long as the crowd is happy, the show was a success!

It’s a full house at the SWR1RP Hitparade castle festival in Mayen, Germany.

Audience members don’t know it yet, but they are in for a very pleasant surprise that no one saw coming.

Just when they thought they had everything figured out, something else happened instead!

The choir is named popCHORn and they are about to pull off a really good flashmob demonstration.

They have packaged their sound and style to be high energy.

According to their YouTube site, “The name ‘popCHORn’ stands for thrilling concerts, concentrated stage presence, upbeat arrangements, a packed stage and a good mood for all who sing and listen!” They really live and breathe this mission statement.

Instead of the show the audience thought they were about to watch, the play was highjacked, and a man with a keyboard takes the stage while another man climbs up to the top of the stage background, and takes over.

He begins to sing Disturbed’s version of “Sound of Silence” along with the man on the piano.

They instantly have everyone’s attention. The man’s voice is deep and booming, and the crowd is just starting to catch on that there may be a bigger plan in store for them today.

As he sings, more men join him on stage and to the side stage.

The song picks up momentum, and there are members of the choir in the audience.

They stand up and join in too! A group of women appears onstage with violins, violas and a bass; another man is playing the guitar.

It just keeps getting more and more elaborate. The song is sung in layers with one singer taking the lead and many other voices supporting him.

The audience is in a state of trance. One woman has tears in her eyes while another is chatting back and forth to her neighbor with a big smile on her face.

Everyone is delighted by the change of events. A wonderful and moving show indeed!

Click below to watch this well-executed flashmob succeed with flying colors!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jane Clarke

    May 12, 2020 at 11:37 am

    Glorious, absolutely glorious.

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