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Dad asks 17-month-old toddler to sing “Amazing Grace” – she nails it

Amazing Talent

There’s no telling what kids will do next to impress us.

Their brains are a sponge that soak up every bit of information tossed at them and they are not shy from wanting to be noticed at all times. Take 17-month old Maya, for instance.

This beautiful little bundle of joy was sweet enough to perform “Amazing Grace” while being recorded by her father.

She began her solo show very candidly as she got off without a hitch.

Immediately, Maya began singing the song without missing a single beat!

She begins fluttering with her movements while her dad keeps her motivated and in sync with the rhythm of the song.

Maya then proceeds to start singing along the ABC’s. Can get this get more adorable or what? She begins to drop each letter in a row without a problem!

Albeit with minor struggles along the way, Maya shows she has no shame and courageously continues to sing along the alphabet song.

Her pacing with the original song was top notch and she sure showed her knowledge on her vocabulary.

Not sure what was said as she ended her sweet performance, but we’ll come back after some practice time to find out.

Still not impressed with super star Maya? Well, just when you think she was done, daddy prompts her to begin singing “You’re my Sunshine”!

And would you believe what happens? Little Maya surprises us all with her incredible singing skills as she immediately flips the lyrics over to her new tune.

She can’t keep her energy locked up as she gingerly sways left to right to show how happy she is in singing.

Her arms flapping up and down is so cute that it’s hard not to let out an occasional, “aw” from time to time.

A Spectacle To Behold

After her final verse, Maya lets out a heart-melting smile that shines brightly.

Her dad then asks, “Can you count like Dora?” to which Maya then responds by counting out numbers starting with the number one.

Not only does she begin counting the numbers, but little Maya also counts them out loud in Spanish!

In a flash, we see Maya’s amazing talent sore to new heights as she displays her knowledge of Spanish by counting out numbers in order.

Her knowledge and pronunciation of each number is truly impressive and shows just how bright she is!

Maya continues to say numbers out loud in Spanish without much difficulty.

She does get tied up a bit, but her father makes sure to assist her whenever any of the numbers like, “seis, siete,” came up and even helped her when she slipped on her final “diez”.

In her final act, Maya performs one last stunt: adding up numbers that are called out by her dad.

She does not seize to amaze as she very quickly begins summing up numbers like 1 plus19, 2 plus 10, and also 1 plus 3.

Her exuberant energy after each response shows just how excited she is to answer each question correctly!

At the end of the video recording, Maya’s dad lets her know just how smart and brilliant she is.

He lets her know to say bye-bye to her fans and a brief message of, “I love you” can be heard as the video ends.

Such an uplifting video showing just how much talent toddlers can exhibit when given the chance!

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