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Dad learns daughter is a bully and teaches a lesson by taking her victim on a shopping spree

Bullying affects people of all ages, especially youths in middle and high school.

Roughly 20 percent of students age 12 to 18 are bullied at one time or the other.

Bullying is a continuing problem in many schools, but one dad decided to take a stand against his daughter’s bullying of another girl, and in the process taught his daughter a valuable life lesson in a unique way.

When Randy Smalls found out his daughter Re’Onna was bullying another girl in school, he was at a loss.

Randy had been bullied when he was younger, and so the issue really hit home.

He had to do something to teach his daughter that bullying was wrong, but what?

That is when Randy hit upon a brilliant idea.

He found out Re’Onna and some fellow students had been bullying a fellow student, named Ryan, when Ryan’s mother contacted Randy and his wife about the bullying.

Not knowing what to expect from Re’Onna’s parents, she was surprised when Randy made a unique proposition.

In the past, Randy had taken Re’Onna on shopping sprees, which she loved.

In fact, the pair had one such shopping spree coming up. Randy had been saving money for Re’Onna’s shopping spree, but once he heard about the bullying, that all changed.

Now instead of Re’Onna going on a shopping spree, Randy would take Ryan instead.

Ryan had recently lost her father, grandfather, and aunt.

To add to the problems, she was having dealing with the loss of people she loved very much, she was also having to deal with bullies at school, including Re’Onna.

Her mom, desperate to help had reached out to Re’Onna’s parents.

To add insult to injury, Randy allowed Re’Onna to tag along to see just what she had lost when she decided to engage in the bullying of Ryan.

Soon, though, she realized that it was for the best.

She realized the mistake she had made in bullying Ryan and the two girls made up.

Randy thought it was a very important life lesson to teach his daughter.

And even though he loved her very much and always wanted to be her friend, he knew he had to step up and be a parent in this instance.

The results were worth it as the gesture helped to lift Ryan’s spirits.

Over the course of the shopping spree, the two girls got to know each other, becoming closer in the process.

Best of all, Re’Onna was able to learn an important lesson about bullying and the negative impact it can have on the life of the person bullied.

Randy, for his part, was just happy that he could teach his daughter such a valuable lesson.

For more on Randy, Re’Onna, and Ryan’s story, watch the following video!

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