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Dad plays “boogie woogie” on piano until daughter’s drum solo steals the show

There’s no denying that music is powerful and can lift the soul.

So if you’re in need of a good mood booster, the performance below is sure to do the trick.

In the video, two musicians blend their talents for an energetic boogie-woogie song.

But what makes it even more special though, is that the artists rocking the instruments are actually father and daughter!

Get ready to be amazed at how incredible their duet is – which might even have you tapping along.

A passion for music runs deep in a lot of families.

The Jacksons, the Osmonds, and the Gibb brothers all had global success with their musical abilities.

Bob Dylan’s son Jakob broke into the music scene – while Miley Cyrus followed in her country star dad’s footsteps as well.

And who can forget when Natalie Cole performed a tear-jerking, virtual duet with her late father Nat King Cole?

Get ready to be entertained by another pair of talented and related musicians that come from Austria.

Martin Pyrker is a renowned piano player from Vienna, who first discovered his passion for the instrument (and the blues) at the age of 17.

He’d already been playing the drums for several years.

Pyrker became fascinated by boogie-woogie and during the 1970s performed concerts with other famous pianists he’d become associated with.

They led to Austria’s first boogie-woogie album, Boogie Woogie Session ’76, and ignited the genre’s growth in Germany and Austria.

Since then, Pyrker’s entertained crowds both at home and internationally with his skills – performing as a soloist and with other legendary musicians too.

He’s also created records over the years and according to his online bio, has over 100 original compositions.

In 1999 Pyrker began performing with another very talented artist…his own daughter Sabine.

Sabine Pyrker was surrounded by music during her childhood so began learning the piano at the age of seven.

It was two years later that she pursued her passion for another instrument – the drums. At 13-years-old, Sabine took the public stage with her father for the very first time, playing percussion.

Over the years, she’s also developed her own successful music career.

The entrancing video captures one of the pair’s many spectacular performances.

Pyrker tickles the ivories in boogie-woogie style, while Sabine perfectly blends in the drums.

Together, the music they produce is energetic, uplifting, and makes you want to tap your feet.

Just wait until you see this father and daughter team in action.

While boogie-woogie piano is entertaining to observe on its own, Sabine’s drumming skills are undeniably amazing.

At one point, she’s given a solo that really showcases her talent.

One viewer commented:

“Phenomenal percussion !! Both are amazing! I love the constant smile while she rips those drums to shreds!”

By simply watching the artists you can tell how much passion they have for music.

Pyrker’s hands move at lightning speed on the piano and there’s no question he’s mastered boogie-woogie. His site reports that he’s Austria’s most well-known boogie and blues pianist.

Another person wrote on YouTube:

“Great job guys, a totally swinging performance! And very sweet that it’s a father and daughter playing together like that.”

This is a musical performance that’s just as entertaining to watch as it is to listen to. Press play below to see this father and daughter rock the house for yourself!

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