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Dad Sings To Excited Puppies And Mom Captures The Sweet Moment That Follows

Falling asleep doesn’t come easily to all of us. For some yes, they just simply need to rest their head on the pillow and it’s instantaneous! It’s like the pillow is magical and has cast a spell on the lucky person who uses it! I’m jealous. It’s never been that easy for me. Typically, to help me fall asleep, I’ll run through my list of groceries I need or visualize what articles of clothing are in my wardrobe and piece together tomorrow’s outfit. And if all that fails, then the tried and true counting sheep method is the last resort!

Now, if only I had someone to sing me to sleep, then I’d be sorted for life! No more tossing, and turning, counting fluff balls or thinking about milk and bread. I mean we’ve all been sung to sleep when we were younger. But, wouldn’t it be ideal for that to happen every single day, even in adulthood?

In this overwhelmingly sweet video (seriously, this is adorable to the power of ten), we see a litter of teeny puppies bobbing around, making cute little puppy sounds. They’re in what appears to be a makeshift laundry hamper, and dad is peering over. They’re restless and whiny, and dad knows it’s time for them to sleep. He says, “Let’s go to bed!” and the squirmy pups lovingly look at him as he starts to sing a 1950s doo-wop song, in his low, humming voice, “Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight.” And wow, did it ever work! This man is the puppy whisperer!

The little whimpers start to slow down and become less frequent — their energy level has definitely dropped! The man’s voice croons and soothes, and eventually, the puppies just collapse — cute sight! One second they’re on their hind legs, and the next, they’re cute and cuddly and all snuggly together, catching some zzz’s as they depart to dreamland. It is absolutely the most heartwarming thing to watch these furry babies fall asleep. You can hear mom in the background say, “I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it!” And she is right! Thanks to her, she recorded it all for us to believe it too!

Do you have a dog or any other pet? How does your furry friend fall asleep after an adventurous day? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

In the meantime, click to watch the sweetest snoozefest! We know you’re going to love this one!

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