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Dad snaps photo of little girl posing with horse, takes a closer look and bursts out laughing

Births, marriages, holidays— photographs are a great way to memorialize any occasion.

“Cheese,” you exclaim, coaxing your subjects into a beaming smile.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get an amazing photo for the collection— but if you’re really lucky you’ll encounter a photobomb of epic proportions.


That’s exactly what happened to this little girl when a day out with her family turned her and one happy horse into instant viral celebrities.

According to Time Magazine, the photobomb photo was originally uploaded to Reddit— and has had the internet in stitches ever since.

There isn’t much more information available, but it’s pretty easy to imagine what preceded the memorable shot.

This little girl was likely enjoying a beautiful day of festivities, spending time with her family while watching large Clydesdale horses walk in (what appears to be) some sort of parade.

She likely spent the whole day eying out the large creatures, unsure of whether to approach them and feeling a mixture of awe and hesitation. After finally building up the courage and giving the horses a few soft pats on their snouts, it’s not unlikely that one of her parents, or another relative, then asked her to turn around a smile for a photo.

The little girl stood before the majestic creature, awaiting the flash. “Say ‘cheese!’ the person behind the camera calls out.

And as the picture is snapped…

1Source: The Wolf 101.5 FM/Facebook

Bam— the ultimate Clydesdale photobomb!

Definitely not what the family was expecting!

As mentioned, Time reports that this amazing photobomb was uploaded to Reddit in 2016, by an account that has since been deleted. It is unclear whether this was the first time the photo was posted online or whether it originally came from The Wolf 101.5 FM.

Whatever the original source though, people just can’t seem to get enough of the grinning steed:

According to PetMD, Clydesdale horses are known to be tender and gentle, but also have a spirited personality and sharp intelligence— characteristics that are pretty evident, if this grinning guy is any indication!

After being uploaded to the web, this photobomb took the internet by storm, even being named the best photobomb of 2016 by the popular website BuzzFeed—and we’re sure this little girl’s family is enjoying the shot just as much as the rest of us!

If you’re interested in seeing other hilarious animal photobombs, check out this list, which was curated by Just Something and features a number of hilarious horses like this one!

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Source: The Wolf 101.5 FM

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