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Dad stages ‘attack’ on his little girl and German shepherd passes the test

Unless you’ve owned a dog before, there’s no way you can conceive of the bond that comes with them.

They possess something that goes far beyond just a friend to hang out with.

Some of them come with fierce, unwavering, and undying loyalty.

When one father decided that he wanted to train his German Shephard, Kujo, to protect his daughter, he put his dog’s loyalty to the test.

The below video shows his 5-year-old daughter fending him off with Kujo’s invaluable help.

The Dad films himself pretending to be a kidnapper in an effort to train the dog to protect his little girl.

His daughter is sitting in the driver’s seat while Kujo sits in the back seat of the car.

The dad walks up to his daughter, pretending to be a stranger, and asks her what she is doing in the car by herself.

The girl responds by saying that she isn’t by herself, she is with her dog.

Dad pans the camera to the back seat and Kujo sits there looking out the window.

He seems pretty mellow at the moment, but that will all change soon.

The dad keeps pressing his daughter to let him in the car.

She tells him he can’t come in because he’s a stranger.

He tells her that he isn’t a stranger. He knows her parents.

At this point, it’s clear the girl’s dad has already taught her how to handle a situation like this.

She immediately quizzes the would-be kidnapper by asking him what her dad’s name is.

He doesn’t know, of course, and says the wrong name.

She tells him to leave once more, but he doesn’t.

Acting frustrated by the refusals, he reaches his padded arm into the car and tells her to come with him.

The little girl only has to say Kujo’s name once and he immediately goes into attack mode.

He bites the father’s arm and doesn’t let go.

He tries to pull his arm back out of the car window but Kujo only bites down harder.

The father backs up and ends up pulling the dog out of the car window with him.

Even still, Kujo doesn’t let go and continues to prove his loyalty to the little girl.

The dad finally yells to his daughter to call off Kujo because he clearly isn’t going to stop unless instructed to.

The little girl calls out his name and he immediately releases the arm.

She calls him over and tells him to jump back into the car with her.

He jumps through the window, ready to be on the lookout for any other would-be attackers.

The unwavering devotion Kujo shows in protecting his girl is incredible to see.

That’s to say nothing of the thorough training both the dog and the daughter had received from dad. And who could blame him? He’s only protecting his greatest treasure, just like Kujo.

Watch Kujo spring into action to guard his human in the video below!

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